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Level up your software developement team

Team Augmentation

Level-up your software development with dedicated experts catering to one-of-a-kind needs of your project. Augment your team with our engineers, scrum masters, business analysts & QA-specialists to deliver even the most complex software solutions.

What is Team Augmentation?

At ECorfy, we develop software solutions for companies from many industries, but if you are looking for Software Development Staff that can address only one, consider leveraging our option of hiring a team of dedicated software developers that can work on one or a couple of projects simultaneously, work as per their interests and produce the best software that the clients need. Why choose Ecorfy? Flexible Team: Our team of team members is well trained and qualified to handle software development projects. With different specializations, the employees have worked on many projects in the software industry across different domains and industries.

How does Team Augmentation work?

Taking your requirements and feedback into account, Team Augmentation augments your team with a qualified software developer who has the following qualities: In-depth knowledge of Angular.js, React, npm, etc. Ability to develop Python, C, C#, Ruby, Java, Node.js Problem solver Professional programming experience Strong project management experience Excellent communication skills Excellent project planning experience Demonstrable experience with Angular.js, React, Angular CLI and npm Ability to write-up, prototype and deploy Works well in a team and with individuals Adept at configuring servers, using Linux, RedHat and CentOS Compatible with the NGINX web server Who are the ideal candidates? Technical people with Angular.js experience or experience Angular.

How can Team Augmentation help your business?

Create a software system that grows, adapts and develops your product faster and with greater accuracy. Deliver innovative solutions for mobile, data analytics, & big data analytics that accelerate growth and profitability in your enterprise. Deliver solutions for real time on-demand systems. Delivered through micro-services that focus on the individual capabilities of each, and not only on the commonality of the solutions. Achieving a business understanding of the risk to anticipate and prevent IT outages. Partner up with our exceptional team of software professionals and build a world class software that will serve your customers & product.

How to get started with Team Augmentation?

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